compressed information

  • enhances checkboxes, radiobuttons, fileupload, textinput, textarea, select, submit, reset, image
  • modular and small in size (if compressed)
  • all elements are completely stylable via CSS
  • completely unobstrusive: users without javascript will see your normal form elements
  • maintains usability and accessibility of form elements – compare it with other form element replacement scripts and you’ll see what i mean.
  • supports custom events: add your own fancy animations without touching cfe with many events like ‘onMouseOver’, ‘onCheck’, ‘onClick’. Events are even applicable to the original, hidden elements so cfe doesn’t interfere with your other scripts.
  • fully supports focussing on elements as well as tabindex
  • adds neat hover effect to your labels (via CSS)
  • enable sliding doors css technique for your textfields/textarea
  • addon automatically generates tooltips from title attributes
  • select all / deselect all functionality to specified groups of checkboxes
  • resolve dependencies for checkboxes: click one – select others

Custo recommends:Watch the demo and be impressed

  • Johan Struijk

    Hey there. I followed the instructions of installation exactly but can’t get it to work :( If you could help me please mail me at j___n@mycomputerguide.net