Custom Form Elements (CFE) for Mootools

Introducing a new way of styling forms

Ever wondered how you could style form elements like checkboxes, radiobuttons and select-fields in a way you like? You tried hard using the most ass-kicking XHTML/CSS tricks, but didn’t succeed without stuffing unnesscesary tags into your sleek sourcecode? Not to speak of the browsers and their “special abilities” in evaluating CSS.

Now this is for you! CFE finally found their way to Github and allow you to style your forms individually!

Custo recommends:Watch the demo and be impressed

What is CFE?

A short explanation

Custom Form Elements unites all efforts in the web to enhance web-based XHTML forms in terms of style, usability and accessibility by using Javascript and/or CSS. Custom Form Elements work cross-browser, currently supporting most A-grade browsers.

The intention behind CFE is to create the one Javascript form replacement script, which may be used with mootools as well as jQuery, Prototype, YUI, Dojo, qooxdoo and so on…

It’s completely unobstrusive and allows you to style your forms via CSS – so the presentation is still decoupled from the model and the logic. Yet, it still maintains or even enhances the usability of these form elements.

For a more detailed overviewvisit the features page and get the hang of it

In which browsers will it work?

Currently, it is tested in the following browsers:

  • Safari 4
  • Firefox 3.6
  • Google Chrome 6
  • Opera 10.62
  • IE 7
  • IE 8

How much does it cost?

Here comes the best part…

CFE is completely open source! CFE do not only cost not a single cent but are also distributed under the GNU General Public Licence so you can use it in any way you want. Of cource it would be much appreciated if you donate some money to buy me some coffee and candy ;)

A good design for your site is important to engage your user. That is why Custom Form Elements is created to give you a new way of designing your own forms. We also believe that the whole design of your site must go together with the best webhosting to avoid any glitch on your website.

  • Alex

    I remember you had a jQuery version, what happened.
    The MooTools demo doesn’t seem to work and there’s no information whether or not MooTools v1.4 is supported.

    • Maik [Mediavrog]

      Hi. As i couldnt find any support from other developers nor the community, development discontinued in Summer this year. I am not sure if i will bring this project back to life. Sorry for that – it just consumes to much time to keep up with the development of the different browsers and frameworks as well as CSS.